In Deep Memory of Dr. Robert W. Farquhar

Dr. Robert W. Farquhar (@Wikipedia, @UIUC, @NAE) passed away on Oct 18, 2015.


Dr. Farquhar was one of the most distinguished scientists I have ever met. He was a great astronautical scientist, an eminent director for several famous space missions, including the International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3), NEAR, and New Horizons​, a milestone in deep space exploration, which just arrived its destination Pluto few month ago after nearly one decade’s journey from our planet, and an excellent educator in Aerospace Engineering for young students. It is a tremendous calamity for us to lose this genius.

I know the genius who invented the Halo Orbit! —- My story with Bob
I was lucky enough to met and attended the classes given by Dr. Farquhar in 2012, 2013, and 2014, and we became friend after that. His charming personality as well as his solid and broad knowledge in aerospace engineering had left a profound impression to me. Wish you are now and will be as successful and happy as the Bob who we knew.

Dr.Robert Farquhar & Me


Some More Information and News about Dr. Robert Farquhar:

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